Eurosensors is a series of highly successful conferences that began in Cambridge in 1987 and that has been the only European forum to cover the entire field of Sensors, Actuators, Microsystems and Nanosystems. It is the leading European conference devoted to the advancement of high technologies in the aforementioned fields, providing an excellent opportunity to bring together scientists and engineers from academia, research centers, national research institutes and companies to present and discuss the latest results in these fields.

Eurosensors attracts more than 400 participants every year, mainly from Europe but also from abroad. Eurosensors asks for contributions describing the latest results on solid state based sensors, actuators, micro and nanosystems as well as the emerging and related technologies and application areas.

Past Eurosensors Conferences

2010 Linz (Austria)
2009 Lausanne (Switzerland)
2008 Dresden (Germany)
2007 Lyon (France) joint with Transducers Conference
2006 Gothenburg (Sweden)
2005 Barcelona (Spain)
2004 Roma (Italy)
2003 Guimaraes (Portugal)
2002 Prague (Czech Rep)
2001 Munich (Germany) joint with Transducers Conference
2000 Copenhagen (Denmark)
1999 The Hague (The Netherlands)
1998 Southampton (United Kingdom)
1997 Warsaw (Poland)
1996 Leuven (Belgium)
1995 Stockholm (Sweden) joint with Transducers Conference
1994 Toulouse (France)
1993 Budapest (Hungary)
1992 San Sebastian (Spain)
1991 Rome (Italy)
1990 Karlsruhe (Germany)
1989 Montreux (Switzerland) joint with Transducers Conference
1988 Enschede (The Netherlands)
1987 Cambridge (United Kingdom)

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